What Is BYOD Really?


BYOD – Bring your own device.

Obviously you know what the term means, but how BYOD works in a practical sense is different to everyone. If you ask ten different people to explain what BYOD is and you will get 10 different answers.


BYOD may take various forms:


• The company gets out of the business of buying mobile devices and paying phone bills. Employees buy their own phones and bring them in.


• The company supplies the mobile devices, but users own the rights to do whatever they want with them.


• Users buy whatever devices they want, but the company still pays the monthly bill. (this is what we do at TechTarget, the company where I work.)


• The company buys the mobile devices and pays for the airtime, but users still bring in their own extra things. (This happens a lot. The company provides and pays for mobile phones, but users bring in their own iPads.)


• The company provides locked-down devices and bans BYOD, so users bring in their own stuff without telling anyone from IT.