Extend the life of your computer equipment and reduce electronic waste.


Development of new technologies can sometimes have destructive impact on the environment. It is clear that we want and need to grow, but it’s hard not to get the impression that some of the factors of this growth have slipped our control. For this reason, we should pay attention to what technologies we use in everyday life and make sure that they don’t harm us in the future.


Cloud computing is a trend which has been rapidly developing for several years – does it have an impact on our environment?

In addition to benefits such as mobile and efficient work on any hardware, cloud computing can be the crucial component in reducing the cost of IT infrastructure, which in turn entails additional elements that can positively affect our environment.
ANALYST OUTFIT International Data Corp (IDC) has predicted that laptop sales will increase 3.6 percent by 2017 compared to 2012 levels, despite the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets. The report states that approximately one third of these devices was purchased by companies, which means that in about 3-4 years, the equipment will require the purchase of additional equipment, software upgrade or replacement.
Before introducing the VDI ComZetta services to the market we thoroughly analyzed the needs, explored the possibilities and came to the conclusion that our service will result in extending the „life” of computer equipment by about 3-4 years.

What happens to old hardware now?

Thousands of tons of electronic waste from Europe are illegally stored in Africa. Currently, the world produces more than 40 million tons of electro-waste per year. In 2011, the authorities managed to thwart illegal export of more than 60 tons of electronic waste meant to end up in Tanzania, Gabon and Pakistan, among others.

Why is it so?

The problem is the reduction of costs. For example, recycling a computer in a developed country costs about $30 and a landfill in India, China or Africa just $2. Delivery of a monitor from Europe to Ghana costs 1.60 Euros and correct disposal of the screen in Europe is twice as expensive. However, thanks to growing awareness of people regarding these issues and wider look at the issues related to the design of new technologies, we are able to fight the adverse conditions.
Solutions based on cloud computing technologies, operating in the cloud can significantly extend life of the equipment and reduce the need for replacement. Longer life means lower costs and thus less electro-waste.


ComZetta cloud computer is environmentally friendly, efficient and accessible from any location and device. It turns even older hardware into a top-notch computer and extends life of the equipment, reducing expenditures on purchase of new solutions, as well as additional equipment, maintenance and administration.