Everyone know what are the benefits of cloud computing for businesses and institutions: cloud-based applications reduce infrastructure and IT costs, increase accessibility, enable collaboration, and allow organizations more flexibility in customizing their products both for their brand and for their audience.

Cloud computing has the potential to greatly change education, both in online courses and in traditional classrooms.

ComZetta – Personal Computer that lives in the cloud want to change education:

  1. New posisibilities for students, for example education online.

  3. Always current learning materials. Cloud-based materials are easy to update in real time so that students always have access to the most current learning resources. No more outdated learning materials.

  5. No more expensive textbooks.Cloud-based textbooks are less expensive than printed content.

  7. Thanks to the cloud computing schools and students do not necessarily need to own expensive software and hardware.

Now is a great time to explore how cloud-based applications can benefit you, your children, and your school!

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