The may be many causes for data loss like bugs, hardware failure (56% of all cases) and, most of all, human action. Studies conducted for Panasonic show that in the last three years as many as 42% of people damaged or lost their company laptop or phone and 26% of all events happened due to human error or negligence when operating electronic devices. Fourteen percent of respondents stated that they had damaged or lost the company media intentionally.

 As an employer you hand over to your employees different company media, often with access to important information. Can you be 100% sure that they will take due care of it?

One is certain: data loss in the enterprise carries a risk no company can afford now. Of course, specialized commercial services can be performed to recover data from severely damaged media, but the consequences of having your data stolen or released to an untrusted environment are often irreversible.


What can you do to prevent data loss? We’ve got a few tips:

1) Privacy Policy – secure your computers with a password, organize training sessions for your employees.

2) Power – power failure may often result in data not being saved to permanent memory.

3) External Factors – when a computer is exposed to vibration, strikes or temperature, it is most probably going to be damaged.

4) Antivirus Software – it’s a must!

5) Backups – regular, and most of all, automatic data backups are standard.


There may be plenty of other precautions you can take, but do we and our workers remember about them?


There is only one simple solution – ComZetta!  Secure you data! See how it works today!