How to move your data to the cloud?

Thanks to ComZetta you can transfer your data from your personal computer into the cloud. You no longer have to worry about your files being scattered. Now, you can gather everything in one place and process it any time you want to.


Download Vware Converter Standalone

Go to and download Vmware Converter Standalone which allows for transferring data from the computer into the cloud.

Download VMware vCenter Converter Standalone for P2V Conversion2





Launch Vmware Converter

After you download the app, select “Launch” and install it on your computer.






Launch the app

Start the app and click “Convert machine” in the application menu. On the Source System page, select “Powered-on machine” from the “Selectsource type” drop-down menu, then select “This local machine” from “Specify the powered-on machine”.


Follow these steps:
1. On the “Destination System” page, select “VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine” and from “Disk Type” select “Not preallocated”.

2. Provide a name for the destination of the image.

3. On the basis of the name of the network location the script launched cyclically checks if there are ready images prepared by VMware vCenter Converter and then it:

a) converts the VMDK files into QCOW2 image file (qemu-img convert VM.vmdk –O qcow2 VM.qcow2),

b) adds the image to OpenStack (glance add name=”klient-VM” is_public=false container_format=ovf disk_format=qcow2 < VM.qcow2).

After the process is complete, as an active user you will receive a notification on the conversion status.


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