How to run your app on a mobile device?

Clients who operate mobile devices may use apps after they download Citrix Receiver and set up an account.




Download Citrix Receiver

You can download Citrix Receiver simply by clicking this button or by selecting “Apps” in the User Panel. This app provides you with fast and safe access to all apps in your selected package.

Download Citrix Receiver


Citrix Receiver configuration

Download the installation file, launch it and type in the data to configure Citrix Receiver:

Configuration data:


Type: XenApp Services

Description: Comzetta (any description)

User Name: user name from the panel

Password: password from the panel

Domain: shared


Select apps

Use the apps available in the ComZetta Panel anywhere you want and enjoy your work freely and safely. All files you create using the apps may be stored on the disc of the device you’re currently using.


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