DaaS – is a short for Desktop as a service. It is a relatively new concept associated with cloud computing, which defines the virtual desktop. DaaS services are offered in the form of ready to use infrastructure, the so-called VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Virtual desktops are delivered by a provider of Cloud computing services and managed in the cloud.


The customer ordering this service receives a complete infrastructure with all the functionalities of a physical workstation. They are the ones to decide about its parameters, access to data and applications. Despite local access, such virtual computing environment is run and maintained in the virtual data center and hosted on servers of the provider. We believe that DaaS is a service, which will replace the desktop PC in the future.

DaaS services provided by ComZetta use the latest technologies and innovative virtualization connections of distributed algorithms, deduplication and compression with adaptive rendering protocol, which allowed us to significantly reduce the size of stored data and gain image quality unprecedented on the market.


These solutions are ideal especially for those companies that choose to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud. In addition, VDI ComZetta solves any problems with hardware, software updates and installations.

Replacement of standard workstations by the so-called „thin clients” means one centralized system of management and scalability on demand. Quick and efficient way of creating VDI allows to develop a ready workstation with the operating system and necessary applications in just a few moments. VDI resources are stored in a virtual cloud, which ensures not only safety, but also continuous access to data from any device or location.