If you decide on BYOD (your employees can get work done from anywhere, anytime) in your company you should remember about IT needs and employees needs.


Today, IT professionals want to be viewed as enablers. This means meeting the demands of employees and the business, without sacrificing data security.

BYOD offer significant benefits, but also introduces many challenges related to information security in the company, both for employees as well as for IT departments


IT Needs:

Visibility and control.

IT needs to know who is doing what inside of corporate applications in the form of actionable reporting and audit capabilities. IT needs to know what happens with sensitive corporate data after it has left the cloud and has been downloaded to employee devices.



Employees don’t want to give up control of their personal device to the organization. IT needs to secure the data on BYOD devices without installing software agents on each and every device.


Ease of deployment.

IT needs a solution that operates in the network rather than at the endpoints

and does not require a team of network administrators to roll out. Solutions that operate in the network are easier to deploy and manage than solutions that are installed on devices.


Employee Needs:


Users want to be able to access corporate data from any device, anywhere.



Logging on to a VPN can delay access to corporate resources or slow down access to performance-sensitive applications, thereby inhibiting employee productivity.



They don’t want the ability to install corporate programs on private device.



Users want privacy in their personal communications.

Employees are suspicious of security solutions that transport, handle, or inspect their private, personal activity.


BYOD security policy that strikes a balance between user freedom and protection of corporate assets.Comzetta VDI is the best solution to support BYOD