Linux or Windows – which one is better? Each system has its supporters and opponents. We believe that both sides have a point so we’ll argue in favor of neither. Instead, we have created a user-friendly offer which provides the best quality and comfort of use.

Linux Mint is one of operating systems available in ComZetta packages.

It is believed to be the most user-friendly Linux distribution.
With ComZetta you’ll receive a system ready for use without following the easy process of installation.

The package of available apps is very comprehensive, so you’ll be able to use all tools in one place.

If your needs become greater, in the START menu you can find Software Manager. It clearly displays information about available extra software you can install in the system.
Distinct division into apps and categories allows you to find the software easily.

But you do not have to worry about this because we have made sure that ComZetta – your cloud computer is simply ready for use.

Choosing our offer you can be certain that thanks to ComZetta your work will be comfortable, efficient and secure.