Based on recent studies we can conclude that small businesses employing cloud computing will more than double in the next six years, from 37% to 80%

It means that the use of cloud-based services gives measurable benefits.

Primary Uses: 

Mobility – Cloud technology allows businesses to create mobile offices so that data can be accessed and synced from anywhere.

Sharing – data stored in the cloud can be shared no matter the distance and downloaded by people with appropriate access.

Backup – The cloud allows you to backup and automatic updating of data, and an additional benefit is the storage of data in a secure location outside the company.

Storage & Hardware – The cloud is much lower requirements for disk space and
hardware requirements.


Some of the factors that you should consider before using the cloud:

Location – You should know where your data is being stored. The data storage facilities should provide physical and virtual security while incorporating protection from fire, flood, and earthquakes.

Encryption Management – your data must be secure, and so preserving ownership of encryption is necessary. Data encryption to limit exposure to harmful internal and external threats

Automated Tasks – Automated Tasks – Because of the scalability the cloud provides, expanding and reducing organizations is simplified. Scalability also benefits organizations with reduction of IT admin tasks where sufficient automation is available