With ComZetta you have access to your computer anywhere.

All your computer with the software and the data is where you need it. Now you can issue invoices, give presentations, have access to all your documents anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.


Forget about carrying your laptop with you. Now, when you attend a meeting all you need is a smartphone or a tablet, no matter if you’re a fan of iPhone, iPad or Android, any presentation, order form, training material or invoice software is within your reach anywhere you need it.

We care for the safety so everything you do is encrypted, no matter what device you’re using. So, if your cell falls into the wrong hands, your data and software are safe.


With ComZetta you get remote access to your computer with any device.

You can start your project at home on your desktop computer and carry on while traveling using your cell just to finish on time and present it to your client at the meeting.

ComZetta is a perfect mobile device for everyone who wants to enjoy freedom of action from any place. With ComZetta your business will really be mobile.