Value from the cloud


Based on recent studies we can conclude that small businesses employing cloud computing will more than double in the next six years, from 37% to 80% It means that the use of cloud-based services gives measurable benefits.   Primary Uses:  Mobility – Cloud technology allows businesses to create mobile offices…


How cloud computing is changing education?


Everyone know what are the benefits of cloud computing for businesses and institutions: cloud-based applications reduce infrastructure and IT costs, increase accessibility, enable collaboration, and allow organizations more flexibility in customizing their products both for their brand and for their audience.   Cloud computing has the potential to greatly change…


Enterprise mobility in 2015


Each of us has personal preferences when it comes to smartphones and tablets, but nowadays any device IT supports should be able to deliver all of a company’s important business apps. The pervasiveness of smartphones and tablets is allowing companies to solve problems, increase productivity and create opportunities in areas…


Merry Christmas!


The magic of Christmas never ends and its greatest of gifts are family and friends. Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Team ComZetta




Network outages, data compromised by hackers, computer viruses and other incidents affect our lives in ways that range from inconvenient to life-threatening. As the number of mobile users, digital applications and data networks increase, so do the opportunities for exploitation.


The needs inside your company


If you decide on BYOD (your employees can get work done from anywhere, anytime) in your company you should remember about IT needs and employees needs.


BYOD may take various forms!


What Is BYOD Really?   BYOD – Bring your own device. Obviously you know what the term means, but how BYOD works in a practical sense is different to everyone. If you ask ten different people to explain what BYOD is and you will get 10 different answers.


ComZetta helps companies:


Introduce the mobile work style in order to increase employee productivity.


One more time about cloud computing….


Cloud computing is changing the way of conducting business, the work of departments and the principles of cooperation between IT and business. How does it work?


ComZetta is a partner NetApp.


NetApp is a world leader in advanced storage systems designed for modern businesses that operate on large amounts of data. Since its founding in 1992, Network Appliance provides first-class products and technologies that simplify data management. NetApp produces specialized hardware, software and services to ensure efficient management of storage systems…


The latest projections show that 2014 will be the year of DAAS. But what exactly is Daas and what opportunities does it offer?


DaaS – is a short for Desktop as a service. It is a relatively new concept associated with cloud computing, which defines the virtual desktop. DaaS services are offered in the form of ready to use infrastructure, the so-called VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Virtual desktops are delivered by a provider…


NAS (Network Attached Storage) Cloud Gateway means secure storage and synchronization of your data!


One of the key and most problematic elements in functioning of modern companies is the amount and security of stored data. The increasingly popular mobile work style compels employers to provide solutions and data packets to enable the employees to work remotely. Such a system of work may give rise…


Cloud Computing’s benefits on ecology (2)


Extend the life of your computer equipment and reduce electronic waste.   Development of new technologies can sometimes have destructive impact on the environment. It is clear that we want and need to grow, but it’s hard not to get the impression that some of the factors of this growth…


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BYOD – remote and connected, or how to organize your work at home?


How to reduce the costs of running a business? That is a question entrepreneurs often find themselves asking. There are many ways – you can save on workers or reorganize the entire system of work. However, the most popular one in recent years is telecommuting. Each profession has its advantages…


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We gather more and more data and so we lack space to store files, documents, films and photos on the computer. We reach for extra devices like external discs. Nowadays, there is no problem in finding an appropriate disc or using a different solution, but such way of storing data is…


Cloud computing – what is it about?


A computer which adjusts its parameters to the user’s needs. Indestructible, failsafe, immune to data theft? Thanks to cloud computing technology what a few years back was just a vision of inspired scientists is now becoming reality in front of our eyes.


We know solution for your problems!


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Wrote about Us:


„A perfect solution for companies which wish to improve the safety of their data at low costs” TMCnet describes our service:


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A new year has begun! In 2014 many things will change. The word “computer” will receive the new meaning. Obviously because of ComZetta We wish you all Happy New Year!!!


Cloud Computing’s benefits on ecology (1)


Cloud computing saves energy?! Our future will be shaped by four major trends in IT investment: cloud computing, data security, big data and mobility, according to Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman. When you take a closer look at the IT market, you could not agree more.


Merry Christmas


We wish You happy and, which is the most important, FAILURE-FREE Christmas!


User-friendly operating system?


Linux or Windows – which one is better? Each system has its supporters and opponents. We believe that both sides have a point so we’ll argue in favor of neither. Instead, we have created a user-friendly offer which provides the best quality and comfort of use.


Data loss events accelerate at alarming rates! Do you know how to prevent them?


The may be many causes for data loss like bugs, hardware failure (56% of all cases) and, most of all, human action. Studies conducted for Panasonic show that in the last three years as many as 42% of people damaged or lost their company laptop or phone and 26% of…


Working on the go. Try ComZetta for mobile.


With ComZetta you have access to your computer anywhere. All your computer with the software and the data is where you need it. Now you can issue invoices, give presentations, have access to all your documents anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.   Forget about carrying your laptop…


Remote Access – work from home


Perfect for distributed organizations, hosted virtual desktops in the cloud allow you to collaborate securely and easily with coworkers.


ComZetta is also a complete set of applications to run a small or a home-based business.


ComZetta is also a complete set of applications to run a small or a home-based business. All applications are available from an on-line catalog. Thanks to automatic updates you will always have up-to-date and legal software and your data will be well secured. All our programs have been carefully selected and…


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Advantages of ComZetta


Adventages of ComZetta: quick installment and adjustment of computers with Windows and Linux systems access to virtual computers using various devices anytime anywhere easy configuration and management of virtual workstations mobile workstation that works the same as your PC easy creation of backups and recovery of data stored on your…


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