What is ComZetta?

ComZetta is a perfect solution that allows you to create a computer in the cloud with Windows or Linux.
ComZetta also offers you a ready and verified set of office applications and additional computing power.
It is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI)-based solution.

Access on any device

A smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, a Thin Client – equipment is no longer a problem, you can use any device and log on to ComZetta anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Access to reliable and verified applications without installation

You get a ready set of reliable office applications. Imagine that every employee in your company gets a ready workstation in just one moment.
Depending on a selected plan, you can also install your own applications.

Secured data

You get access to your computer through an encrypted connection. Your data is secure. ComZetta works independently from any equipment you use to log on, so it is immune to any equipment failure. If your device breaks down, your Virtual Computer remains unaffected. You simply log on using another device and you can work in your own environment.

You need a more efficient computer?

No worries! From now on you don’t need to invest in new equipment. All you need to do is use ComZetta – a computer with parameters that adjust to your needs. You can use your old computer and enjoy the same quality of work as if you were using the most modern device.

Change your configuration whenever you need

You need more memory, more disc space and a faster processor? No problem! Your computer ComZetta will get more power whenever you need it. From now on you can carry out operations that require better parameters much faster.

Do you know what is the difference between traditional computer and ComZetta?

Traditional PC:

Cloud Computer ComZetta:

  • All data is stored on an internal hard drive.
  • All data is stored in the cloud, or an external server.
  • Equipment failure or theft usually means the loss of all or part of the data.
  • Data is stored safely in the cloud; equipment failure or theft does not result in loss of data.
  • Each additional program requires installation and often expanded IT knowledge.
  • You only need to install one application, which is a „gateway” to our resources in the cloud, where a set of verified applications is already waiting for you.
  • You are forced to bear the costs of hardware and operating system; you also have to pay for almost any additional application you wish to install.
  • One subscription fee gives you access to a computer with an operating system and an application package; performance parameters of the service, such as disk space, may be increased at any time.
  • Efficiency and speed of your computer depends on its parameters and computing power; if your equipment is old and inefficient, some applications may not work properly.
  • Operation of the computer in the cloud is completely independent of parameters and computing power of the equipment you use.
  • The operating system and software are inextricably linked to a specific device – if you do not have access to the device, you cannot connect to its resources.
  • You can access your resources from anywhere, using any device with Internet access.
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