VDI ComZetta helps educational institutions.

ComZetta VDI helps educational institutions provide a more flexible, mobile and high-performance solution for students and teachers while reducing costs.
We know that technology takes on an increasingly important role in develop education.
Computers have become as much a part of today’s classroom as textbooks.
We deliver high quality and more efficient solution to desktop virtualization.

A few reasons why educational institutions should consider a VDI ComZetta deployment:

  • deploy virtual desktops for less than the cost of PCs,
  • reduce desktop maintenance and support costs by 80 %,
  • data remains secured in the datacenter at all times,
  • save money on PC refresh cycles,
  • no hard drive to fail,
  • IT staff doesn’t have to waste time to updating computers,
  • everybody has the same version of installed software,
  • speed and responsiveness of the VDI desktops,
  • electricity savings can be substantial.


If you’re looking for more information about VDI ComZetta for your school contact us.

You can also purchase ComZetta with a device equipped with a webcam and the operating system.

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